Mr. Harshad Sangle

Education isn’t an exception to the disruptions caused by technology. It is undergoing a paradigm shift across the globe and changing at an extremely rapid pace with new concepts introduced almost every day. Something that remained unperturbed for decades has now turned dynamic. It is demanding educators to get smarter by the day and transform their approach towards learning and training techniques through the integration of technology in routine lessons and learning schedules.

CITIS Infotech, amidst such a dynamic environment, is an organization that’s working towards strengthening the technology revolution in education. Through the facilitation of technology certifications, and extensive research in the education stream, coupled up with comprehensive teachers’ development programs, we envision a smarter and a technologically competent generation. Through our incubation centers, and app development and ICT programs, we intend to help colleges, schools and various types of educational institutions to introduce, design, and execute a wide range technology training and certification programs.

We believe in developing skills for tomorrow by collaborating with educators and strengthen every element involved in the education ecosystem.

Ms. Vrushali Sangle

For something as widespread and critical as education, networking forms a critical aspect that helps build mutually beneficial connections between educators, students, and parents. It helps technology penetrate to the remotest areas of the country, thus ensuring technological literacy within every child of this country.

At CITIS, our extensive network of associates spread across the country takes technology certifications along with modern-age teaching and learning techniques to every part of the country. With these factors, we intend to promote the development of a comprehensive pedagogy throughout India. Through this message, we intend to reach every single educator and K-12 teacher of this country and create a mass appeal to associate with CITIS and help us build a future-ready generation through the development of futuristic skills.