Learning to code not only develops understanding on Computer Science. It helps enhance creativity, improves problem solving ability, develops logical thinking and enhances the learners overall academic performance.

With India set to become a global technology hub and more jobs in future will be based on computer science, it is highly suggested that kids at an early age start learning coding and develop the skills to build applications, APPS and web sites. APPs are now an integral part of one’s life and with smart phones being easily available use of APPs and overall technology in the day to day lifes has increased.

APP Club :

APP Club is CITIS’s award winning creative computing platform helps learners develop computational thinking and programming skills in fun, intuitive and imaginative way

The platform helps students learn fundamental programming concepts easily and elevates them from basics of programming to complex APP development with Android and IOS platforms.

With APP Club, the learners can easily apply their coding knowledge and skills and develop animations, games, Apps and even control drones and robots.

APP Club program is available in 2 varients:

  1. APP Club for Kids
  2. APP Club for Higher Education