MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator) Certification :

21st century skills are a global standard of skills students will need in a world where technology is prevalent and quickly changing. Research shows that innovative teaching plus access to technology helps students acquire 21st century skills.

Innovative Teaching:

  • Structured around the students
    1. Personalized
    2. Collaborative
    3. Knowledge building
    4. Learning to learn
  • Learning beyond the classroom
    1. Problem solving
    2. 24/7 learning opportunities
    3. Global and cultural understanding
  • Using technology to develop skills
    1. Knowledge building
    2. Collaboration
    3. Creativity
    4. Innovation

Microsoft Certified Educator Program:

Technology Literacy for Educators measures ICT integration into six core content areas : Based on UNESCO ICT Competency Framework

  • Education Policy
  • Curriculum & Assessment
  • Pedagogy
  • ICT/Technology Tools
  • Organization & Administration
  • Professional Development



    Exam Objectives

    Program Curriculum