Smarter technologies are rendering students smarter than ever. Today, students have turned into tech-savvy netizens who are well adept at learning and using different types of technologies. However, amidst all the technology advancements and adaptations that have happened, often, faculties are left behind or aren’t given enough opportunity to learn what’s trending and improve the navigational expertize over different forms of technology and applications.

As the conventional training and learning techniques are turning obsolete, the need for the developing faculty development program has surfaced. And, it is not only the technical learning the matters here, but also the organic connect with the modern-age students that constitute the effectiveness of a faculty. In view of the increasing demand to align faculties with the latest educational trend, CITIS offers a comprehensive Faculty Development Program (FDP). It is a fully loaded education program that builds expertize over various modern applications, and on different modern training techniques.

Series of Train the Trainer Workshops

CITIS Faculty Development Program offers a series of train the trainer workshops including technology as well as soft skills training. The training workshops are aimed at training the trainers on various aspects of the respective subject-matter, along with the different learning techniques such as collaborative learning, paperless teaching, application of smart devices, digital skills, etc. that would make students’ training an effective and interesting learning session. Besides, these workshops also aim at aligning trainers with the modern-day learning practices, thus increasing their sustainability, through some very exciting workshops.

Technology Certifications

Technology certifications play an important role from the point of view of augmenting professional competence. Technology certifications entail an understanding of the various and latest technologies used in the industry today. FDP involves several technology certification programs that help build the much required technical competence, through the proficient use of various applications required to become an effective trainer in the modern context. Under this program, faculties are trained on technologies such as advanced excel, advanced PowerPoint, advanced word OneNote training for K12 educators, usage of Skype in classrooms, Oracle, .NET, Java, technology security, etc. to, in turn, train the students.

Teaching Creative Coding Through Games

Learning, as against the past wherein it used to be somewhat a monotonous experience, has now transformed into an interesting and delightful experience. However, even today, it is the faculty’s creativity that plays an important role in making learning enjoyable. Coding, which is otherwise perceived as one of the toughest jobs in the technology domain, is simplified through CITIS’s FDP that also tethers creativity to it. Faculties are trained in creative coding through the medium of different types of interesting and interactive games that would foster a better learning and development environment amongst students going forward.

A Progressive and Conducive Learning Environment

At CITIS, we also assist our clients in developing physical learning infrastructure. We facilitate progressive and conducive learning environment to the students, by employing the latest technology and systems in their learning process. Besides, we do not let our course content stagnate. We keep updating our course content, aligning it with the needs and demands of the real-world, and from the viewpoint of the futuristic trends and requirements of the world. Through our educational practices, we encourage pupils to imagine, innovate, and explore the horizon of endless possibilities.

Teaching with Technology

Technology being the way forward, it becomes imperative for teachers as well to learn technology and incorporate it within various dimensions of teaching. CITIS FDP involves training teachers helping them make use of various technological applications while teaching students. This includes the efficient use of projectors, preparing intriguing and informative PowerPoint presentations, using infographics and videos while imparting training on varying concepts.

Minecraft in Education

A sandbox video game, Minecraft is an innovative and modern way of learning, but in an interesting manner through the medium of games requiring the application of creativity. CITIS incorporates Minecraft in the education domain and utilizes it in order to foster creativity, innovative thinking, develop problem-solving abilities and so on.

Highlights of CITIS Faculty Development Program

CITIS FDP facilitates learning globally validated and recognized technology training programs, thereby empowering trainers with the priceless global recognition. The program aims at fostering self-development within trainers and acquainting them with the different dimensions including technology, in the field of education. The training programs are based on self-assessment. Additionally, the training is an opportunity to get recognized by Microsoft, as it involves a lot of Microsoft application training programs.

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