Soft Skills

In India, around 15 years ago, during the initial years of the IT and service industry boom, we saw organizations and experts all around the world emphasizing on the necessity of developing multi-tasking skills, and alike that would contribute to the industry. This resulted in the development of a number of innovative and intriguing training programs aligning people to the industry requirements. Both employers and employees welcomed this concept, and delivered their best…!

Those skills were the need of the hour back then. And yes, at times, you may be required to stress yourself sufficiently. However, if we look at the situation today, employees are considered to be under tremendous pressure, striving to deliver multiple projects at a time, and stressing their brains. This calls for a need for soft skill and life skill training programs.

Here’s more to the necessity of soft skills and life skills training in the current situation.

Why Soft Skills and Life Skills Training?

Today, in such an alarming situation, it is absolutely necessary for employers to develop stress-busters, soft skills and life skills training programs helping their employees to relax, develop better communication/ selling/ listening skills, learn how to innovate, enjoy at the workplace and yet deliver superlative performance through increased efficiency, maintain a balanced mind at work to render better customer service, and finally rejuvenate their brains.

Undoubtedly, technical skills and technical expertise in a particular stream play an important role in business. However, one cannot discount the significance the role played by soft skills and life skills in business as well as one’s life. Technology may change, it may not remain with you forever, but soft skills and life skills will! Soft skills or life skills training programs are value-based programs, and values always remain with us. For instance, the basics of communication would always remain the same. Similarly, the business world can never deny the importance of the soft skills required to perform, despite enormous pressure!

Considering these long-term benefits of soft skills and life skills, lately, organizations have started to invest in training employees on these skills. It is an intangible movement, and fortunately, many organizations worldwide seem to be joining it.

Citis Infotech, being a comprehensive training and learning partner, is a part of this movement. It offers a lot of interesting, practical and result-oriented soft skills and life skills training programs to corporates. Let us look at the soft and life skills programs offered by Citis Infotech.

Soft Skills and Life Skills Training Programs Offered by Citis Infotech  

Soft skills and life skills go hand-in-hand. However, we will look at the training programs offered through both the skill sets individually.

Soft Skills – Hard Impact!

Communication Skills

Needless to say, how important communication is! Communication is important for both, life as well as business perspective. Citis offers competitive and engaging communication skills training programs to corporates employees, etc. Our communication skill training programs are results-based and interactive. We design the training programs in a way that each and every trainee participates in the training and contributes to it.

Listening Skills

Listening constitutes to half of the communication process. Active listening helps you to comprehend the message in a better way. Therefore, active listening plays a vital role in effective communication. Through Citis, our endeavor is to develop exceptional listening skills required to understand the client’s requirements, comprehensive receipt of the message, and to create effective communicators. Our technology-based training programs are comprised of simple but effective and enthralling workshops, role-plays, study material, presentations, etc. aimed to make every trainee an active listener.

Personality Development

Personality development cannot be quantified through a milestone. It is a life-long process. However, inculcating its importance in every-day life, and initiating a few ideal practices, can put you on the right track. Citis’s adopts a modern and subtle approach towards overall personality development. We employ modern techniques to understand and analyze the personality traits of an individual and formulate improvement measures accordingly. It is a perfect blend of theory and practical (including workshops, role-plays, questionnaires, MCQs based on reactions/ responses towards different situations, etc.).

Leadership Skills

Effective leaders contribute to an effective today and a better tomorrow. Citis’s leadership skills training program is an apt representation of Citis’s approach to developing ‘Skills for Tomorrow’. Our level-based leadership skills training programs are an excellent opportunity for corporate employees to understand the basics of different leadership styles and levels. We customize training programs based on the target audience and the corporate’s requirement. We offer a wide range of leadership skills training programs designed for team leaders/ assistant managers, senior managers/ general managers, and executive leaders such as CEOs, MDs, CFOs, etc.

Workplace Enjoyment

This is where the stress-busters come into the picture. Critical business information, complex projects, long working hours, and deadlines often make the workplace cold and monotonous. Over a period of time, these conditions may pose a negative impact on a person’s efficiency and quality of work, let alone the mental and physical stress. At Citis, we develop training programs aiming at making people how to enjoy at work and yet give their best at work. In short, we help to strike a balance between enjoying and working, in order to create a win-win situation for the employer as well as the employee.

Life Skills – With You for a Lifetime!

Life skills, as the name suggests, are skills developed from the perspective of enhancing one’s way of living and looking at life. Life skills cannot be quantified, nor can one determine the number of life-skills required to be a perfect human being. It is an endless horizon. The more you learn and execute, the more you prosper as a human being!

As mentioned earlier, the term ‘life-skills’ is not quantifiable. However, some of the most commonly imparted life skills at Citis are,

Empathy: It involves the ability to think from the perspective of another individual. It involves an understanding of the thought process or experiences you would undergo, had you been in his/ her shoes.

Self-Awareness: Involves self-examination, self-evaluation, being with oneself, understanding the reason behind self-existence, etc.

Decision Making: Many people lack decision-making abilities. It is like a road-block for them. Often, it is the fear of things going haywire, subsequent losses, and therefore blames that causes these people to freeze at the decision-making point. Citis’s workshops, activities, etc. help such people come out of these fears, and train them to be better decision makers.

Critical Thinking: Critical thinking involves a lot of pre-decision and post-decision aspects. It includes the assessment of various facets such as feasibility, processes involved, people involved, results, consequences of the results, etc.

Handling of Emotions: Handling of emotions is not about suppressing your emotions or not expressing it. It deals with the not letting your emotions affect your life. It also deals with a few techniques that help you come out of a disturbing moment or emotion.

Citis’s training programs on life skills are in line with Citis’s vision, indicating to create a generation with high intelligence, social as well as an emotional quotient. These are only a few training programs offered by Citis. We are well-equipped with the skills, and capabilities to customize training programs as per our client’s requirement.