MS Excel for Corporate Employees

Over the years, the application MS Excel has emerged as an essential requirement for each and every business in the world. In fact, MS Excel could be termed as one of the most outstanding innovations of the modern technology world simplifying, enhancing and managing a lot of business aspects at a time, with the highest levels of precision. Today, no matter what your business is, you would require MS Excel to maintain records, create tables, insert formulae, calculate figures, etc. and therefore, if you must have noticed, MS Excel experts are in demand everywhere. This is because they are experts at preparing charts, graphs, perform data formatting, arrange, and manage large sets of complex data, conduct data analysis, etc.

However, although almost every corporate employee is aware of MS Excel and its application, the lack of the advanced and the more critical aspects could lag them behind, and at times, at the cost of losing lucrative and promising career opportunities. For all such corporates that are concerned and keen on enhancing the knowledge and skill set of their employees, CITIS offers a comprehensive MS Excel program that delves deep into the fundamental as well as the advanced aspects of MS Excel, thus enabling the employees to cope and deal with the complex data, improving their analytical skills, augmenting data arrangement and presentation skills, etc. The program is offered into two levels, the first one being Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 and the other one, Microsoft Office Expert Excel 2016.

Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 focuses on building the basic understanding of the excel environment and be able to use and guide others on the basic aspects of Excel. The Expert one, on the other hand, will develop an advanced understanding of the excel environment and enable the individual to perform intricate tasks, conduct a complex and in-depth analysis of the available data through the use of formulae, create complex business charts, prepare financial reports, etc.