Soft Skills:

Soft Skills And Life Skills Training – Well Begun is half done!

Someone rightly said, well begun is half done!

At Citis, we believe in building skills for tomorrow, but, for a better tomorrow, we lay down the foundation today! The focus of our soft skills and life skill training programs is to inculcate strong values and build a strong foundation for a challenging, but beautiful tomorrow!

All said and done, but how is this possible? Excited to know? Here’s more to the soft and life skills training programs offered by Citis.

Our Approach towards Soft Skills and Life Skills for Students

Students are like pots in the making. One can easily shape them. Hence, it is imperative for the educationists to induct a variety of quality value-based education/ training programs in the curriculum, not just to make them future ready, but to strengthen their foundation. Fortunately, many schools and colleges have identified the need for a creating a better and stronger generation. Soft skills and life skills training sessions have started to become a part of the academic curriculum of schools and colleges.

While is it great to know that many schools, colleges, and private educational institutions are taking initiatives towards imparting soft skills and life skills training programs, what matters next is the quality and the approach towards imparting such kind of value-based education.

At Citis, we not only address the curriculum but also the approach that defines our intention of creating a better and stronger generation. We proudly promote ourselves as the value-based education partners. Scroll down to know more.

The Citis Success Triangle – The 21st Century Learning Skills

Citis success triangle is based on three fundamental factors – Technology, Soft skills/ life skills, and Entrepreneurship. In a nutshell we’ve identified these three root factors that would help stem a student’s future. Let us now delve into the details of Citis’s success triangle.


Although we often tend to project about what the 21st century may have in store for us, perhaps, we are yet to unfold a lot of things. Technology is one amongst all those mysteries. Technology changes almost every-day. What we see at dawn may disappear by dusk! Yes, it is that quick. Therefore, we do not know what the 21st-century jobs would be like and what does the future hold for us!

Regardless of the dynamic nature of technology, it holds a lot of promise for people who learn it and keep up with its pace. Whatever we do at Citis, we always keep technology in the forefront. All our products, services and innovations are technology-based, and therefore, we strongly believe that training students in technology right from their early stages is of prime importance. We aim at training students in future-based technologies. For instance, robotics is one of them.

Soft Skills/Life Skills

Soft skills and life skills help to strengthen the base of one’s life. These skills are intended towards creating a sensible and good human being. Soft skills and life skills pose a long-term, rather a lifetime impact on a person.

We do not just create a technology-inclined generation. Through our soft skills and life skills programs, we create students who turn out to be sensible and difference-making human beings.

From the viewpoint of creating ‘all-rounder’ individuals, we offer the following training programs. However, our training programs are not limited to the below ones. We also offer customized training programs tailored to the diverse requirements of different schools and colleges. All our training programs are well-researched, aligned with the modern-day requirements, and developed and delivered by experts.

Communication Skills

Through these programs, we train students on the basics of developing effective communication skills through interesting and engaging workshops, expert-videos, and delivering theoretical sessions as well.

Listening Skills

They say communication is more about listening than speaking. In order to be an effective communicator, it is fundamental to be a good and an active listener. Our result-based and practical listening skills programs are intended towards creating careful and active listeners. We employ the latest techniques such as skill testing audio-clips, instant self-evaluation based on scores, testing listening skills by listening to and understanding various paces of speech, etc.

Leadership Skills

The future requires leaders and not mere workers. It requires leaders who can positively impact someone’s life, who are capable of being the face of change, who can act as shepherds leading as well guiding the herd. Our workshops, modern-day aptitude tests, behavioral assessments are a part of our leadership skills’ programs. Based on the students’ academic grade, we also include sessions on different leadership styles.

Emotional and Social Intelligence

Those days are gone when intelligence quotient used to be the sole factor judging an individual’s capabilities to excel in life.  While intelligence quotient is still in vogue, the world today also looks forward to the levels of emotional and social intelligence in an individual. Through our training programs, we emphasize on creating emotionally and socially active students, who, for instance, who can empathize with people or who can respond, rather react to a situation.

Time Management

To be effective leaders and better human-beings, it is important for students to learn to be an organized individual and prioritize things prudently from a very early stage of life. All of these constitute to time management. Our training programs are based on extensive testing workshops, virtual as well as physical expert seminars on time management.

Personality Development

It is one’s approach and attitude towards looking at a situation that defines his/her personality type. Our personality development sessions are behavior focused. Our training program includes sessions on public speaking skills, multi-dimensional thinking, adaptability towards different environments, flexibility, etc.


What do you mean by entrepreneurship? Is it only about launching a new business idea? For us, entrepreneurship is not just associated with a business or a business idea. For us entrepreneurs are innovators, developing new thoughts, new ideas, new technologies, for a better, novel and beneficial tomorrow. Entrepreneurship could be looked at as the outcome of all our innovative soft/ life skills training programs, our technology-based innovative training programs, and our intention of creating skills for tomorrow.

The above is just a glimpse of the wide array of training programs that we offer. We offer all-inclusive as well as individual programs focusing on a particular soft/ life skill based on the requirement.