ESB (Entrepreneur and Small Business ) Certification :

India is on the verge of an Entrepreneurial Boom.

As Entrepreneurship Education has evolved and grown over the past few years, it became clear that there was also a need for an industry-standard certification that could validate the skills and knowledge taught in these courses.

Educators from all over the country asking for such an exam that lead to assessing the Business Fundamentals such as Entrepreneurial mindset, opportunity recognition ability, startup basics, business operations, marketing and sales fundamentals and financial management which are the key topics for any one who is willing to pursue an entrepreneurial journey.

ESB is also for those who won’t own their own businesses. In working with the Entrepreneurship education programs mentioned earlier, we have learned that about 2/3 of their students actually end up working for others. And having gone through these entrepreneurship courses, these job candidates are highly sought after and highly prized. 

The idea of intrapreneurship at large companies is very popular. Companies seek employees who have the entrepreneurial mindset. They want highly-motivated, action-oriented employees who are willing to take risks to solve a problem or grow their business.

In short, businesses love knowing that their employees can take an idea and turn in into revenue.


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