The Changing Picture of Education

Roughly towards the end the last decade, education began changing, and so did the ways through which it was imparted started to undergo a paradigm shift as well. Today, education is at the brink of bursting its conventional bubble and careering its way towards becoming completely technology-oriented. But, it isn’t just education that’s changing. Every element of the education ecosystem is undergoing a similar kind of change. Parents are turning out to be more demanding, students are becoming smarter, and educators that constitute an important element of the education ecosystem, also are bringing a lot of changes in the teaching techniques, and in the education approach as a whole. Education is evolving. Therefore educators too must evolve to keep up with this new-age revolution.

What Drove the Inception of CITIS Educon?

It is these positive changes within the educational ecosystem that propelled the inception of CITIS Educon in 2012! Led by Mr. Harshad Sangle, a modern-age, responsible and dynamic education professional, CITIS joined the education revolution with a vision to better education, and help educators across the education spectrum to adopt smarter and more technology-based practices, and introduce technology certifications to first – keep up with the modern-age dynamics of education, and second – to ensure that students become future-ready through imperative technology certifications.

What does CITIS do?

Technology Training and Certification Programs

CITIS’s primary area of focus is conducting training and certification programs of various leading technology companies such as Autodesk, QuickBooks, Microsoft, Adobe, and many others. Besides, CITIS helps educators conduct these multi-level national as well as global training and certification programs at their institutions to help them contribute towards building a technically stronger and smarter generation of professionals.

Educational Research

CITIS doesn’t restrict itself to facilitating technology education certificates and training programs. It is a research-based organization that conducts vital research in the field of education to initiate a technology-driven environment in schools and colleges, along with suggesting relevant improvements in the existing training and learning techniques, to foster a healthy, supportive and encouraging teaching and learning environment for teachers and students.

K-12, College and University Teacher Development

As teachers constitute an important and the most fundamental element of education, it all starts from helping teachers align and upgrade their skills to meet the modern-age demands of students and parents, and education as a whole. CITIS works towards developing the technological, strategic, and teaching skills of K-12, college and university teachers. To-date CITIS has consulted several educators on teacher development and helped a lot of teachers in upgrading themselves and become smarter and quicker through technology training sessions, soft skills training sessions, and others based on the needs. Here, the focus is on comprehensive development, rather than developing only technical skills.

Incubation Center

CITIS’s incubation center works as an in-house consulting center for educators to increase the competence of their students and teachers when it comes to certification and learning. Based on the requirement of the educator, CITIS offers a full-fledged incubation center that makes the necessary recommendations, offers the appropriate advice, and helps execute a particular program when it comes to education and improvements associated with it.

Global Appeal

At CITIS, we believe in building skills for tomorrow through ICT, app development programs and technology training in schools, colleges and other educational institutions, developing long-term and fruitful university alliances, and through many other initiatives. We have already begun our journey towards the modernization of education, and a lot of educators have joined us. We are confident that the list will only grow in the years to come! But, we urge every educator to join us and strengthen the revolution and contribute towards building a technologically healthier and proficient generation of professionals. So, if you are an educator who truly believes in building skills for a brighter and smarter tomorrow, join us today!