5 Important tips for a new teachers

5 Important Tips for New Teachers

Stepping in as a new teacher, and anxious about your first day at school? Here’s something that will dilute your fears!

As a new-born teacher, you’ll always confront challenges. Some of them will be inherent, and some of them will be external. Regardless of this fact, you will always be challenged as a sprouting seed, and which is why we thought of offering new-born teachers some tips that will help them sustain, keep doing well, and love their profession.

  1. The First Year is Always Challenging!

A teacher’s life is always challenging, and the first year, in particular, is more challenging than the rest. You may have your apprehensions, and believe us, it is completely normal to have some. Those messy classrooms and staring eyes may send chills down your spine. But remember, this is just the beginning of something great to happen.

You are pre-occupied with a lot of things, prejudice, and whatnot. But, things will only get better by the day, and you’ve got to sustain the first few days, and the first year. You will achieve your share of success, happiness and you’ll eventually win the students’ trust. However, it will take time. But, if you look at it as a positive experience (perhaps, as an exciting part of your success story!), you’ll never fail.

  1. You’ll be Remembered for your Affection Towards Students

What makes you remember some of your teachers? You remember some of them for their discipline, some for their teaching style, but it is teachers who loved their students that are remembered the most!  True, isn’t it? Things haven’t changed much. Students will remember you for your love, affection for them, and your care for them. Of course, you are a teacher, and you are here for teaching. But then, you must decide, whether you just want to be a teacher or a teacher with a difference, and a difference-making one!

  1. Let everything come from the Heart!

Remember, you’ve chosen to teach as a profession by your choice. Therefore, the more whole-heartedly you work, the better you’ll be as a teacher. If you work from your heart, you’ll never encounter monotony and never make mistakes as a teacher. Love your students. There’s nothing wrong in it. Know your students well, recognize each one of them by their name, and you never know, you will learn a lot from your students.

  1. Expect the Unexpected

If you love your students, they too will never cease to amaze you. Students are full of zeal, happiness, and surprises. For instance, someone who may not be bright spark today may become a successful engineer, perhaps, a writer, or even a scientist!  And, you’ll only end up in tears when you suddenly see his name flashing on your television set for some of his achievement. Yes, teaching is as exciting, amazing, and rewarding. You give a lot to your students through the lessons you teach them. But, in return, you’ll get much more than what you’ve given them, in the form of their success, and fame.

  1. Find yourself a Teacher

As a teacher, you must not stop learning. Find yourself a fellow teacher who you look up to. Someone who impresses you with his teaching techniques, and someone you resonate with. This will help you create a benchmark to grow, and create your own identity. Have this teacher construct feedback for your performance, reprimand you on your shortcomings, and suggest steps and tips that will help you overcome your limitations. Be a student for your life, and nothing will stop you from becoming an excellent teacher!

  1. Get some Feedback from Students

If your students are old enough, you may let them offer feedback for your teaching skills and the way they feel when they are learning with you. Feedback from students is as helpful as one from your teacher. In fact, at times, more helpful, as you’ll learn about yourself directly from your audience!

Never forget your first day at work. Those modest memories will keep you grounded forever, regardless of however successful you get with time. Always be ready to help your students, while at school, as well as after that, and enjoy the respect your students will always have for you. Teaching is learning, so always keep learning. Don’t let knowledge, success, and experience carry you away. Love teaching, and believe us, you won’t find anything as gratifying!


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